What are some good external wall cladding materials?

Integrating a subtle mix of finishes in the external building palette can make a building much more interesting. Here we look at how we have used different materials such as timber and copper on some [...]

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Internal junction detailing – cornices and shadowlines

As always, the interior detailing of a house should complement the architectural style of a house. When we are developing the design for our houses, we are also thinking about how this is reflected internally [...]

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Grand Designs Australia

Block House

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The Benefits of Hydronic Heating

More and more Australians are becoming aware of the huge benefits of installing hydronic heating systems in their homes. Hydronic heating or radiant heating  uses a closed loop system, creating little heat loss while moving the heated [...]

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External window treatments – Form and Function

  Traditionally (back in the medieval period) shutters were hinged solid timber panels fixed externally to protect the occupants from the elements (rain, wind and sun). In the Arabic countries the use of [...]

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Creating interest with Skylights

Even if a house has sufficient natural light, installing skylights or highlight windows give a soft, interesting light generally in the back areas of a room and can assist with cross-ventilation. Skylights often look [...]

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