Some Examples Of Successful Commercial Architecture

If you work in an office, you know that besides your house, that is where you spend most of your time. Because of this, it should be a comfortable environment while still offering all of the modern conveniences and necessities that are required for a productive workforce.

Even though modern skyscraper buildings are part of today’s business structures, commercial architecture can be traced back to Greek and Roman times, where even then it was determined that designated structures needed to be built for business.

Just like with a residential structure, thought and planning needs to go into designing a commercial building. There needs to be a level of warmth and comfort for employees, while still relaying a professional air of success and efficiency to your clients. In a world of fierce corporate competition, high levels of innovation and creativity are also required to set your business apart from the rest.

As with all projects, there is a plan involved in implementing and realising these visions. Determining the clients’ needs and requirements are key, and is arguably the most important part of the process. Everything else will be based on this first step. The next step is finding the location for this new building. It may be a vacant plot of land, or an existing structure that can be reworked and remodelled. Just like with a residential home, a design needs to be created and after feedback and possible revisions from the client, a project plan is then submitted.

There are however some key differences between residential and commercial properties, an important one being size. In most cases, business buildings are much larger than homes, resulting in more safety and structural requirements. The latter could be elevators, escalators and even multiple stairways. These requirements will also change depending on the industry that the new building will be servicing. For example, a transportation depot’s needs will differ drastically to those of a hospital or clinic. Also, in most cases, the building will be linked and designed according to the company’s image, brand and overall culture.

However, just because it is a commercial building, does not mean that it has to be cold and sterile. It can also incorporate elements of heritage architecture into its design. The call centre for Rams Home Loans is a perfect example of this.

The contemporary design incorporates precise technology with the warmth and history of an existing old warehouse to create a truly remarkable working environment. This historical aspect is evident in the existing brickwork, and is only highlighted with the addition of new timber panelling and veneers.

This timber is carried through to the foyer with interesting and sculptural ceilings and laminated timber waves. As this unique sight greets both visitors and employees, it evokes a sense of calm and even surprise as this is not the sight you expect to see when you think of a call centre.

Classic meets contemporary with the furniture and décor. Aeron, Eames and Artek chairs blend seamlessly with modern artwork to create a truly inviting space combining history and our modern world.

The office makes the most of the open space and high ceilings, as well as offering pops of interest in the form of fish tanks and comfortable break-out areas. Technology also plays a part in the finishes and materials that were used in the design. These details spread throughout the office space really makes an impact and further solidifies the fact that even though it is an inviting space, its aim is still to encourage efficiency and productivity.

The current location of Porebski Architects is also a renovated warehouse. The open-plan design allows it to be dynamic with its configuration options in order to cater to different business requirements. It also offers interesting design elements such as concrete blockwork and exposed ceilings.

It may sound cliché, but the office really is a home away from home for most people. This is why it is essential to make it a space that makes the people who use it most still feel like people, and not just employees. This is where skilled architects and design experts come in. They’ll be able to bring visions to life in a timeous and professional manner, while providing an ideal working environment.

Architectural Work

  • relaxing breakout spaces
  • open space, high ceilings and pops of interest
  • The operational area of the call center
  • the laminated timber waves of the foyer

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