Pearl Beach House

Two semi-detached beach houses overlooking the beach were constructed for two families. Each house shares the same planning with the main living and bedroom areas overlooking the beach, while a children’s wing, garage and laundry are located at the street end of the site. A central courtyard protects from the sea blown winds.

The houses are modest in comparison to many contemporary homes. The concrete block homes have a fairly discrete presence to the street. The clients wanted quite an ‘earthy’ building hence concrete blocks seemed an appropriate material and the concrete blocks are exposed inside the house. Off-formed concrete ceilings added to the ‘rawness’ of the finish.

Year 1992

Builder Kendale Homes

Structurals PWH Engineers

Eric Sierins, Giles Westley

The scale of these homes is appropriate to this quiet enclave by the beach. To reduce the building’s impact, the steel roof is curved, tapering on either side. The intention was to make as little impact on the beach as possible. The roofline is designed to be almost an extension of the slope of the beach.

To maximise cross-ventilation, there are large sliding doors either side of the living spaces, together with highlight glass louvred windows.

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