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Designing in Bushfire Prone Areas

While we can't control the fires we do know about the design and construction of buildings in Bushfire areas to allow for the Australian dream of living within the landscape. Our Leura house has been developed with bushfire design principles to meet the bushfire standards and codes, namely the Building Code of Australia, and Australian [...]

Why should I use an architect to oversee the construction?

Using an architect to administer the contract during construction will likely save you time, money and a lot of frustration. If you are trying to cut costs by reducing the architect’s involvement during construction you may not get the quality you have paid for in the design and documentation stages. Architects fees are spread across [...]

Curves or Straight? What shape House is suitable and why

After our first site visit – most of the time we already have a sense of what shape building will best fit. A curved building suits corner sites and allows itself to gently be exposed. A building with straight lines and rectilinear shapes , depending on the site, can have a more grounding effect. On [...]

Staircase design: form and function

The staircase of a house not only provides vertical circulation but is an important indication of the overall design of a house. It is often one of the first features you will see, and can be seen from many angles so we believe should be given significant attention to its design. In the examples below, [...]

What are some good external wall cladding materials?

Integrating a subtle mix of finishes in the external building palette can make a building much more interesting. Here we look at how we have used different materials such as timber and copper on some of our building facades and why we used them. The house we recently completed in Woollahra is nestled among trees [...]

Internal junction detailing – cornices and shadowlines

As always, the interior detailing of a house should complement the architectural style of a house. When we are developing the design for our houses, we are also thinking about how this is reflected internally and what junction detailing to use. Generally there are three options to use at the ceiling wall junction: shadowlines, square-set [...]

The Benefits of Hydronic Heating

More and more Australians are becoming aware of the huge benefits of installing hydronic heating systems in their homes. Hydronic heating or radiant heating  uses a closed loop system, creating little heat loss while moving the heated water beneath the floor, along base board heaters, or through radiators to heat your home. A hydronic radiant system provides [...]

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External window treatments – Form and Function

  Traditionally (back in the medieval period) shutters were hinged solid timber panels fixed externally to protect the occupants from the elements (rain, wind and sun). In the Arabic countries the use of timber latticework which formed part of their ‘mashrabiya’ acted as privacy screens in addition to sun control. The window screen [...]

Creating interest with Skylights

Even if a house has sufficient natural light, installing skylights or highlight windows give a soft, interesting light generally in the back areas of a room and can assist with cross-ventilation. Skylights often look less intrusive when the ceiling helps sculpt the space around it. Examples of this are seen in some of our [...]

Designing for temperature

Up until a decade ago designing and building a house with no air-conditioning in Sydney was considered quite normal. Our planning relied heavily on cross-ventilation, good orientation, shading and insulation. These factors are still integral to a design but more and more our clients are requesting all or part of the house to be [...]